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Canterbury Home Kill


Noel Womersley has a solid technical background and extensive experience both here and overseas. Five years ago he set up a thriving business which is proving invaluable for those who require personal input into the manner in which their stock is processed for family consumption.
Noel is passionate about the quality of his product and has designed his operation with flexibility in mind, so that he can meet your needs, whether it is the style and size of cuts, your choice of seasonings, gluten or msg-free, time of ageing or your choice of curing technique. Now with another new chiller he can age meat for at least 7 days, making for a tasty tender product. No more taking pot luck over store-bought steak!

The range of services is designed to remove all the hassles of home kill:

  • Mobile fully equipped abattoir
  • A ‘drop your stock off’ option (no mess or trauma at home)
  • Advice for those not sure about killing readiness
  • All wild game processing
  • Advice on breeds and stock numbers for blocks
  • Hampshire boar for hire (no need to keep your own all year round)
  • Spit roast hire – great for family functions
  • Top quality smallgoods – real manuka smoked saveloys, coarse or finely ground sausages made with your choice of seasonings
  • Dry cured salamis made with your meat
  • Dry cured bacon provided sliced and vacuum packed
  • Hams cured in honeydew brine, manuka smoked and cooked until sweet

All beef, pork, lamb and venison cuts are labelled and come to you frozen ready for the freezer. Chops are free-flow in thick freezer bags.

“I need to give customers what they want. That means that there is much more dialogue, more understanding of family needs, whether it is all about the flavours required, the leanness of the mince or the size of the roast portions.”


With business expanding there is an increasing need to provide for a wider area, and already Canterbury Home Kill Services deliver (local areas excluded) to collection points as far away as Hanmer Springs.

Conveniently sited at 26 Merton Road a couple of minutes west of Rangiora off the Oxford Road, it is a simple matter to drop in and discuss your needs with Noel or one of his team. It’s a winner all round – you get the cuts of your own meat custom-processed – wholesome, flavoursome, tender and of course at a much better price.